Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please find below the terms under which I provide lessons. By purchasing lessons from me, we enter into a verbal agreement in which I promise to deliver your lessons and you agree to adhere to the following.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


All payments are required in advance of any lessons.

Cancellation policy

Lessons can be cancelled or rescheduled so long as it is done before the day of the lesson.

If you cancel the lesson on the same day of the class, then it will count as having been taken and I will not be able to offer a refund. Unfortunately, this applies even if you are ill or because of a situation you have no control over.

Lateness for lessons

You must be on time for your lessons. I will wait a maximum of ten minutes for you to come to your class. If you haven’t arrived in ten minutes, your lesson will count as having been taken and I will not be able to offer a refund.

Changes to the schedule

I will let you know in advance when I am due to take a holiday and will offer you an alternative date and time for the lessons we will miss. You won’t be charged extra for these.

Unfortunately, there may be occasions when I am unable to teach due to illness or a family emergency. If this happens, I will contact you as soon as I can. An alternative date and time will be offered for the lesson that I miss at no extra charge.

Should I need to change the schedule on a permanent basis then advance notice will be given. An alternative slot will be offered, and no refunds will be given.

Termination of lessons

I will honour any lesson package that has been bought but reserve the right to refuse to continue to teach a student once they are completed. This is only done in the most exceptional of circumstances due to rudeness, disrespectful language or a poor academic attitude. It is not done on capability or pace of learning.

Increase in prices

Unfortunately, as with any business, it may be necessary for me to increase my prices from time to time. I will honour any lesson package already purchased and no increase will be imposed half way through. However, further lessons will have to be purchased at the new price.


Alternative lessons are offered and I do not issue refunds.

Study times

Lesson slots will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis and cannot be reserved without payment. A regular day and time can be booked for the duration of the lesson package, subject to availability.

Transfer of lessons

When you purchase lessons you do so for yourself and they cannot be transferred to a different person. If lessons are bought as a gift for you then you have ownership of these and can use them. They cannot be transferred back or to another person at any time.

Group lessons

If you have purchased group lessons with friends and family and someone subsequently drops out of the class, the class will continue for the remaining participants.

Lesson expiry

If you purchase a lesson package but then do not book a slot or break from attending for more than three months, all of the remaining lessons will be cancelled. They will count as having been taken and I will not be able to offer a refund. If you wish to return, you will need to purchase a new set of lessons.

Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions are subject to change.