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History has always been my passion. Take a look at some of the articles and blogs I’ve written on all areas of the past.

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10 Facts about Katherine Parr

Mental Floss – August 2022

5 Ways Mary I tried to thwart Elizabeth I

Mental Floss – August 2022

10 Rediscovered British treasures

Mental Floss – July 2022

11 Facts about the Astor Family

Mental Floss – July 2022

11 of the most influential royal lovers in British history

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The History of 12 British Superstitions

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10 Weird ways royals have died

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A rundown on English and British royal eras

Mental Floss – March 2022

Gruffudd ap Llywelyn: the unwanted son

The Green Hare History – March 2022

How Anne Hyde changed the course of British history

Green Hare History – February 2022

10 royal heirs who died before they reigned

Mental Floss – January 2022

The prisoners of Pevensey Castle: the duke, earl, king and witch

The Green Hare History – January 2022

Ignatius Sancho (c1729-1780): composer, writer, mentor and friend

The Green Hare History – September 2021

Four times a European queen married her husband’s successor

History is Now Magazine – August 2021

James VI and I: the king whose lovers were men

History is Now Magazine – March 2021

Robert Todd Lincoln and the curse of the presidential assassination

History is Now Magazine – January 2021

7 Occasions Europe changed its time

History is Now Magazine – November 2020

The Eland Feud: a medieval murder mystery

Ottakers History of Huddersfield, Ed Nik Taylor, Gloucestershire, 2001, pp53-59

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