English language courses

Learn English through your love of history

Learn English through your love of history

Do you love history? Are you an avid reader of historical novels? Do you want to improve your English? Well, it’s possible to learn English through your love of history.

Learning through a subject that you like means that you are more likely to absorb and remember new vocabulary, syntax, grammar and reading and writing skills without trying.

I am a language coach who helps you learn English through reading and listening to history.

Take a look at our dedicated courses page to find out more about what we offer. Courses are kept short for easy, bite-sized learning and start at as little as £10.

How can history help you learn English?

Broaden your vocabulary

Improve your writing

Improve your grammar without lessons

Transferable language

Transferable skills

Improve your reading skills

Improve your research skills

Write with passion and find your voice

Learn to analyse and question

Learning with passion helps you learn better

Practice creating written arguments

Be interested in what you are learning

What courses do we offer?

What do the courses include?

Reading lessons with especially designed texts

Listening lessons with especially designed videos

Writing lessons to broaden your vocbulary

Transferable language and skills

The flexibility to study anytime, anywhere

Worksheets, quizzes, extra materials and further reading

Easy to use content

Secure payment

Small, bite-sized courses that don't cost a fortune

Why me? Well, I have...

a love of history that spans a lifetime

a BA (Hons) in History and an MA in Medieval Studies

a TEFL Level 5 qualification to teach English